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There never seems to be enough Teen Wolf on my dash??? Like how many O’brien/Stiles, Posey, Sterek, Roden, Stlydia blogs must I follow to get some decent Teen Wolf action on my dash :C

UTG INTERVIEW: Sleepwave’s Spencer Chamberlain Talks ‘Broken Compass’


UTG INTERVIEW: Sleepwave’s Spencer Chamberlain Talks ‘Broken Compass’


As I was patiently sitting outside the venue, waiting to meet up with Spencer, I watched his tall figure move from fan to fan, talking with them, taking pictures, shaking hands — you name it.

In the past year or so, it’s been easy to tell that Chamberlain has seen better days. But now, it’s different. There’s a sense of release and relief. The night is over, and the dawn is approaching.

UTG was…

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"Doubt kills more dreams that failure ever will."
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"Spend a little more time trying to make something of yourself and a little less time trying to impress other people."
-The Breakfast Club. (via itslostinwonderland)
Underøath’s Aaron Gillespie Would Like To Do A ‘TOCS’ Ten Year Tour



Voice & Verse, Evan Lucy’s podcast, is back with Aaron Gillespie (Underøath, Paramore). Gillespie, on the episode, mentioned that there are demoes from the They’re Only Chasing Safety era and that he would love to do a ten year tour.

You can subscribe to Voice & Verse podcast via iTunes, or listen below as well!   

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